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500 copies, black vinyl.

The Svart Mondo series is dedicated to bringing some of the most obscure, fascinating records that time forgot back into the spotlight. Curated by the Svart team of dedicated music nerds and specialists, Svart Mondo is a showcase of a musical era long gone, collected from many unusual and less traveled parts of the world. The series commences with two pieces of hard psychedelic progressive rock from the early 70s from Argentina.

Formed in Buenos Aires in 1972, the quintet recorded the eponymous album in 1974 on the Promúsica label. Ave Rock is a Latin American take on classic organ-based progressive rock, full of time changes and alternating tempos with a good splattering of psychedelia and symphonic rock in places. This is the first time this rarity is being reissued on vinyl. The pressing is limited to 500 copies and comes with liner notes by renowned psych historian Vernon Joynson.

A1 Ausencia
A2 El Absurdo Y La Melodia
A3 Gritos

B1 Dejenme Seguir
B2 Viva Belgica

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