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Absolute essential LP from the days that the Underground Metal scene was really exciting. This release was eagerly awaited since it was Paul Speckmann from MASTER doing this band.

It is more Thrashy, but still really raw and deserves to be heard 30 years later still.

Abomination have come out of nowhere it seems with this self-titled debut and have slayed most opposition with just one release (I have yet to hear anything else by them). 1990 seemed to be quite a year for metalheads and this only helps that statement, and this unknown gem needs to stand out more than it should. This is exactly what I look for in death metal, highly influenced by thrash metal and instrumentation that is absolutely perfect; everything from the guitar playing to the vocals is a highlight on this gem. I highly suggest this to fans of Morbid Angel, Obituary, Kreator, and Dark Angel. This needs to be more well known, because this debut is very strong and heavy.

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