Witch Mountain

It’s been a long three plus years since Witch Mountain’s fourth record Mobile of Angels was released. The album, which was the last with vocalist Uta Plotkin, followed an action-packed five-year run of critically acclaimed releases, festival appearances, and tours that took the band around the world. With so much hard work, and a lengthy history, Carson and Wrong were loath to shelve their project, especially considering that the core duo was still intact, so they moved toward rebuilding Witch Mountain.

The musical partnership of Rob Wrong (guitars) and Nate Carson (drums) began in 1997 with the founding of Portland, Oregon’s first doom metal band. The first time High on Fire and Electric Wizard played in town, they shared the stage with Witch Mountain, and slept on Nate’s floor after the show. The first time YOB played in Portland was also supporting Witch Mountain. Same goes for Agalloch. Friends and peers all. Many bassists had spontaneously combusted over the years, but early 2015 brought Justin Brown to the fold. His low-end tone and tasteful swagger only solidified the band further. And then there’s vocalist Kayla Dixon.

Uta left big shoes to fill, and the tours over the last three years have cemented Kayla’s uncanny ability to sing, perform, and write with the band. It was key to Wrong and Carson not to rush back into the studio with a new group. Instead, a family unit began to develop during the 2015 tour with Enslaved and YOB. Then Glenn Danzig called, requesting Witch Mountain for support on his Blackest of the Black tour. Longtime fan and supporter Phil Anselmo had a hand in there somewhere too…

After the Danzig tour, the band set to work writing a new album, interrupted once more by another full US tour with Saint Vitus and the Skull. By this time, Rob Wrong was also playing guitar with the Skull, holding down double duty with two of America’s most classic traditional doom bands, proving that his pyrotechnic hybrid of Hendrix and Iommi is a force to be reckoned with.

And here comes the fruit of these labors. A new band, fronted by a young woman who has been singing, acting, and dancing since she was a small child. Kayla Dixon brings her top tier abilities to a genre little known for such soulful vocal chops. NPR said of the song “Burn You Down:” “Kayla Dixon is a rarity in doom-metal, a singer with soul, dynamism, drama, control and poise. There’s proficiency in her voice, but she knows that the blues — especially heavy-metal blues — rolls like thunder and wanders like a diva dancing around. She’s got a gift for righteously nailing the perfect note.”

Witch Mountain still maintains total artistic control. The band is self-managed, self-booked, and owns its entire back catalog.

We are proud to be twenty years in, having never peaked along the way.


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