The Group

Highly influenced by Weather Report and the jazz fusion scene of the 70s, The Group was set up after Pekka Pohjola and Vesa Aaltonen came back to Finland from Sweden. They both played in the Swedish prog/jazz rock band Made in Sweden. As The Group’s guitarist Seppo Tyni remembers, Aaltonen came back to Finland in early 1977 and Pohjola later in the summer. From the early 1977 Aaltonen and Tyni both played in Olli Ahvenlahti Quintet that for example performed at the Finnish Eurovision qualification (though they played as a quartet there). The quartet (Olli Ahvenlahti, Seppo Tyni, Vesa Aaltonen, Heikki “Häkä Virtanen) was the backing band for Markku Blomqvist who performed his song Liehuva liekinvarsi. If you listen to the song, it couldn’t be much more further in style from The Group’s material. However just in a matter of few months three of the band members would play in the jazz fusion quartet called The Group.