The Country Dark

The Country Dark is a five piece unit hailing from the city of Kuopio, North-Savo, Finland. The Country Dark’s first release DELIRIUMIC SOUNDS FROM LIFE’S OTHER SIDE cd-ep was released on Trash Can Records in 2007. First full-length album -a psychotic country blast- SLAUGHTERHOUSE PARTY was released in 2012 and the second album – notorious sleazy cuntbilly boom – DEAD MAN’S HANDJOB in October 2013. Both long players are out via Big Money Recordings. PLUS latest wild Rock’n’Roll blast out extravaganza HYPNIC JERK album came out in February 2016 on Humu Records. Perfect live band for every occasion! Don’t hesitate pilgrims ’cause wild rockin’ show is guaranteed!

The Country Dark plays punk and rockabilly infected Trash Rock’n’Roll with ominous Eastern Finland sound and strong hillbilly bop feel. Perverted lyrics – Perverted Sounds! Think about ghost train from hell full of sex crazed voodoo redneck cannibals eating remains of sodomized beauty queens. Yup, this stuff sure delivers!