Finland had a short lived but very active gothic post punk scene in the early 80s, with the most popular Helsinki area bands such as Musta Paraati and Kuudes Tunti having become perennial cult favorites. But the western coastal town Pori, had a small, vivid scene as well. Before Hexenhaus, whose demo compilation was released on Svart in 2013, there was Psyyke, who issued their debut 7 inch single in the autumn of 1983.

Psyyke’s privately pressed Temppeli / Neondertal single became a mini hit in the burgeoning gothic underground club scene, and during the next two years the band issued several demo tapes, building an international underground following and looking for a label. However, Psyyke’s approach to the genre was so raw and psychedelic that labels turned a blind eye, and by 1985 the music business was already sniffing for new trends. Eventually in 1986 the band were picked up by Finnlevy for an EP release, but only after Psyyke had mutated into a mainstream-ish pop act.