The spontaneous hold on ideas, fearless grabbing of instruments, doubtless view on life and a stage presence to match have taken this masked quartet through both Finnish and European music scene for the last ten years.

Pintandwefall got started as a project for just one single show in Vantaa, Finland, in the spring of 2006.

Snatching the first place at the Ääni ja Vimma -band competition in 2007 raised Pintandwefall to the attention of a larger audience, after which they have worked hard touring in Finland and achieving a reputation as a solid live group.

Based in Tampere, Finland, Pintandwefall have prepared their fifth album together with producer Risto Ylihärsilä, who has grabbed the band’s lo-fi aesthetics and steered the group even further, making the rough diamond harsher. The songs on Red and Blue Baby have been created during weekend sessions over the last 18 months, and the first single “Seasimularo” was released in May 2015 already.
Svart Records is set to release Red and Blue Baby on vinyl, digital, and CD on January 27th.


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