Frank Herbert once said, “without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens.” On their new album, PH (formerly Mr. Peter Hayden), have shed their blistering, snake-like skin and wound their unusual path into a new garden of unearthly delights. Still referring to themselves simply by the PH monogram, their fifth full-length release, Osiris Hayden, embraces a deep symbolic form of rebirth and regeneration.

Lauri Kivelä from PH explains their motivations best when he says:

“Each album of ours has always been a step forward and that is the only way we can do this. We are keen on going forward, a bit further than anybody else and we do not need to stick to any genre on scene just to feel safe, quite the opposite. We are, and have always been, all about on moving on, forging our own paths.”

Recorded in their home country of Finland by Vesa Vatanen, Kimmo Nyssonen who has worked with Dark Buddha Rising, Tom Brooke (NYOS) who has previously worked with Domovoyd & Oranssi Pazuzu, Osiris Hayden is zenith of masterful music production, created by some of Finland’s foremost heavy psychedelic pioneers.

Like an Ostrobothnian Föllakzoid, experimental electronic soundscapes pulverise with panache and a pop-like sensibility. Osiris Hayden is contemporary Finno-Ugric Krautrock, in keeping with the band’s earlier work but much more cinematic in scope than ever before. Vangelis-inducing, distorted Blade-Runner landscapes give way to the march of slick Terminator machines crushing human bones under foot. Psychonaut futurism from a band fusing genres ahead of their own time, and in a strange but logical evolution of the PH journey.


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