This official 20th anniversary release marks the vinyl debut of Mordicus’ debut album “Dances From Left”, originally release by Thrash Records on CD in 1993. As an added bonus the package also features an exact replica of the band’s debut 7″ EP “Three Way Dissection” from 1992.

“Despite 20 years of close scrutiny since its release, it is still easy to say Mordicus’ Dances from Left was one of those groundbreaking releases that, along other early Finnish Death Metal albums such as Sentenced’s Shadows of the Past, Convulse’s World without God, Funebre’s Children of the Scorn and Demigod’s Slumber of Sullen Eyes, built up the solid foundation for all that what was to come. Dances from Left, along with others, allowed the Finnish Death Metal scene to stand shoulder to shoulder with the worldwide phenomenon knows as “Swedish Death Metal.” Mordicus were hungry and set out to make the sort of extraordinary gurgling and mind-piercing noises that would separate them from our comrades in crime to the west.
Mordicus cleverly and skillfully fused elements from both Finnish dark, wrist-cutting, eerie-tinged and sorrowful Death Metal and the Swedish type of murky, utterly down-tuned and heavy Död Metall (ála Therion, Dismember, Unleashed, etc.) on Dances from Left without compromising the raging Death Metal bombardment of all things vicious and neck-snapping.

Thrash Records, according to some sources, released only a single, 1500 copy press run of Dances from Left, which sold out quickly. So, what better way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of that legendary album than to give it a proper vinyl release in 2013? Vinyl is, in fact, the only acceptable format for an old-school Death Metal act like Mordicus.”
– Luxi Lahtinen


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