Lost Boots

Lost Boots, who consists of the trio of musicians previously performing as Sweatmaster, plus extra guitarist Tomi Helomaa. Sweatmaster were well on their way to fame earlier this millennium, with a deal with the cult garage label Bad Afro and European tours with The Darkness and the like. Somewhere along the way action rocking garage fare no longer appealead to the sweaty threesome, and they ended up calling it a day, only to resurrect as Lost Boots a couple of years later.

“After Sweatmaster we tried playing a bit of everything, even Finnish language prog rock, but nothing seemed to click. It was only after Tomi (Helomaa, guitar) came along that we really had a band together”, says guitarist-vocalist Sasu Mykkänen.

The band defines Lost Boots as being a more manly, slower playing and a tad more melodic unit than their sweat-covered predecessor. There is an electric ‘live’ feel to the music, with edges not too heavily polished. It owes as much to classic hard guitar rock as it does to garage rock.


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