A band dubbed as a ”lost treasure” is often neither lost nor a treasure. For most bands, oblivion is more of a salvation than a curse. The British Channel Islands’ very own Legend is not included in this category. They never amassed the amount of exposure and adulation granted to some of their NWOBHM peers, such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden or Motörhead, but they are by no means forgotten. They never were.

Formed in 1980, Legend came up with a pioneering DIY production style that was partly dictated by Jersey’s backward recording studios of the day. The main culprit for their unique sound was, however, the visionary blend of a quirky sense of time, melody and the dynamics of their songwriting and arrangement, which can be heard in the output by the newly-formed lineup as well. To put them in a context, Legend were an unrivalled mix of Black Sabbath-esque heavy metal riffs, Pentangle-esque vocal harmonies and the horny groove of Thin Lizzy.