This is the new wave of southern space rock.

In 2015 strange things were underway in southern Finland. In a secret Helsinki hangar the development of a new kind of space vehicle had begun. The resulting juggernaut, Kremlin, is now emerging as Svart Records releases their eponymous debut mini album on October 7th.

The Kremlin quartet were at first a classic power trio but were soon transformed into something more extraterrestial after the addition of a scrambling device, handled by a fourth crew member. The music has a bluesy core, not far removed from bands such as Clutch, but its cover is coated with a heavy dose of progressive psychedelia and interstellar aesthetics, resulting in a curious and curiously effective concoction of styles the band call southern space rock.

The members of Kremlin are no rookies on their first cosmic trip, just learning the ropes. On the contrary, they are seasoned innerspacemen and veterans of many missions since the 90s. But not since the present moment has their mission taken them as far as now, where no man has gone before. Firm believers in vintage space travel, the band manage to sound like a bunch of stoned rednecks crash landing on Mars in 1968.


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