Hisko Detria

Hisko Detria is an experimental rock band, taking its name from a certain phenomenon which combines light and optical technology in a perfect manner. The current incarnation of Hisko Detria began somewhere around 2010 in Turku, Finland. Initially the band was meant to be a ruthless Neu!-pastiche, but pretty soon found themselves on a path of their own. Besides krautrock and kosmische musik the band draws inspiration from various elements such as crust punk, grindcore, science fiction, Karlheinz Stockhausen and cats. The result is a style of music that has been described as familiar and cozy, but at the same time unpredictable — like drinking spiked tea with your dear old meemaw.

Their 2012 demo “Static Raw Power Kraut” received surprisingly positive reactions and after being played on the legendary WFMU radio and curated by them at the Free Music Archive, the band gained some global micro-reputation among a handful of music geeks who enjoy new and obscure stuff.

Comments from worldwide audiences have included “I feel like driving a car”, “hipster-droning”, “they look funny”, “sexy stuff, makes me wanna have sex”, “the sound is really good but nothing happens”.

“Hisko Detria — makes you swear out loud for all the right reasons.”

* Static Raw Power Kraut (demo) CDr 2012
* Split with 100000 Terahertz MC 2012
* Damo (limited demo) CDr 2013
* Split with E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr LP 2015
* Mal du Siècle LP 2017