Over the years Elonkorjuu’s debut LP Harvest Time (1972) has attained cult fame of almost mythical proportions and become one of the most expensive collector’s items in FInland ever. However, not many people are aware of the fact that Elonkorjuu’s story didn’t end there. A second album appeared in 1978, and the music it contained was different enough in comparison with Harvest Time that the record label recommended the band to translate their name to English, from Elonkorjuu to Harvest.

Group leader Jukka Syrenius comments that the shift in musical style was the result of natural change and growing up: “My interest towards jazz grew bigger. Or rather, the whole big picture of music started to open up for me.” Eventually Harvest decided to go totally instrumental, and their newfound musical approach caught the ears of RCA bosses. Flyin’ High Runnin’ Fast appeared in 1978 and was a success with the critics but, as with Harvest Time, sales were rather modest. And so, Flyin’ High Runnin’ Fast became another rarity in the Elonkorjuu / Harvest canon, and eventually the band called it a day