Aggressive Finnish deathrash act Deathchain was formed in winter 1997, under the name of Winterwolf. Winterwolf released two demo-cd’s with old line-up, named “Death..will come your way” (January 2000) and “Blood for Death” (January 2001). After these two demos founding member Corpse was disappointed in current state of the band. The autumn 2001 started a new era for the group. After relocating the band to Kuopio new members were found. The new line-up soon took over including founding member Corpse in guitar and vocals, Bobby in guitar, Kuolio in bass and Kassara in drums. Soon after band’s name changed to Deathchain.

In the beginning of the year 2002 Deathchain entered the S. Jämsen’s Studio Perkele and recorded a demo called “Poltergeist” containing four tracks of aggressive deathrash metal . Even though the demo got mainly good reviews, the band wanted to strenghten the vocal department. A new vocalist Rotten was found in summer 2002 and Corpse started consentrating in guitarplaying only. Nevertheless, “Poltergeist” gave Deathchain what they were looking for – a recording deal with a Finnish label, Dynamic Arts Records.

Soon after Deathchain started writing new material for the upcoming deathrash attack. It was hotter than hell in summer 2003 when Deathchain entered once again S.Jämsén’s Studio Perkele in order to record their debut album. After insane nights in the studio and with the mastering assintance of Minerva Pappi at the Finnvox Studios, on fall 2003 Deathchain delivered the goods with their fiery debut album titled “DEADMEAT DISCIPLES”. Containing 9 songs of the bursting deathrash metal, album came out October 1st and started getting great reviews in Finnish media. Soon after the album came out in Europe and Russia receiving stunning reviews all around.

Deathchain started to play lots of gigs in order to promote the album. Shows in Finland, Germany, Austria, Belgium and Netherlands gave the band what they were looking for – publicity. Exspecially in Finland Deathchain pushed their name to the metal scene hard and strong. The aftermaths of DEADMEAT DISCIPLES”. reached its climax in summer 2005 when Deathchain played brutal show on the main stage in Tuska Open Air metal festival in Helsinki.

The summer of 2005 was pretty busy for the band in other respects too. In June the band entered the studio in order to record a follower for their succesful debut album. Once again teamed up with Sami Jämsén the band played their asses off for three weeks and recorded their second album “DEATHRASH ASSAULT”. Soon after the album was mastered in Finnvox Studios by Minerva Pappi. The album was released in the October 2005 in Europe, USA and Finland, containing 9 songs of brutal deathrash metal. Album entered to the official Finnish top40 chart at position ..18. Right after the release Deathchain teamed up with Candlemass and Destruction for a 5 week long ..Allianze of Doom and Thrash.. tour, playing over 20 shows in 13 countries all around Europe. On 2006 Deathchain played on clubs and festivals in Finland. On July 2006 ..DEATHRASH ASSAULT.. was released in Russia and Japan. With their second album Deathchain was starting to find their style of more stronger, brutal but yet more dynamic metal.

The end of year 2006 was a changing point for Deathchain. Old singer Rotten was replaced with experienced K.J. Khaos and the writing process for their third album was in progress. On January 2007 Deathchain entered the studio once again in order to record their most aggressive and eerie album to date. The album, entitled “CULT OF DEATH” was recorded at two separate locations, Seawolf Studios and Studio Perkele. Mixed by Sami Jämsén, recorded and engineered by Deathchain’s F.O.H. Jari Tuomainen and produced by the the band itself, “CULT OF DEATH” summoned the demons from the deepest depths. It was released on May 23rd 2007 and it was a strong demostration of Deathchain’s uncompromising, aggressive and brutal combination of death and thrash metal. The album hit the official Finnish top40 chart at position 17. The rest of 2007 Deathchain played festivals and gigs in Finland, and supported Nile on their Finnish tour in November.

The end of 2007 brought another change when the guitarist Bobby Undertaker left Deathchain. New guitarist Cult moved to Finland and joined the band as the year changed into 2008. The new line-up started immediately composing and arranging the fourth album, entitled “DEATH ETERNAL”. After intense rehearsing and a minitour in Estonia, the band entered the studio in May with Jari “Tupi” Tuomainen with the sole purpose of creating the darkest album in the band’s history…