Black Magic Six

“Soulful, gritty and utterly addictive, no one with a pulse will be able to resist Black Magic Six’s primal jam.”– Sonic Abuse webzine

Blame Germany. February 14th, 2007 Black Magic Six played their first ever show in Chemnitz, Germany. Seven years later this diabolic duo from Finland has played about 400 shows in 25 countries and released three full-length albums and one minialbum.

Having planted their evil seed in Germany’ s soil Black Magic Six (Taskinen – guitar & vocals and Motherfuckin’ Japa – drums) returned to Hellsinki, Finland and recorded their debut album. The first born Evil Acupunction was released in 2008 and it defined the band’ s own sound; short songs with frantic rhythms and aggressive guitars spiced with disturbed devil-flirting lyrics.

In 2010 the band paused their neverending tour to record the second longplayer. The darker and uglier album was called Black Magic Six II: Doomsday Bound and it delivered exactly what the title promised. Right after the release this two-men devil worshipping killing machine got back in the van and preached their judgment day prophecies around the world; from Finland to Turkey, from Romania to United Kingdom, from Russia to Argentina and back again.

The third album Black Magic Six III: Brutal Blues came out in 2012. Recorded in a week it presented tight as fuck duo begging and giving no mercy. The songs hail from bluesy cotton fields to punkbilly, and from twisted country to garagerock. The crowds fell down like in revival meetings in Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Macedonia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Croatia, Hungary etc. etc. You name it, they were there.

Motherfuckin’ Japa and Taskinen couldn’ t wait ‘ til the fourth full-length. They had to puke out all the dirt inhaled in the shitholes of the world and release a minialbum in 2013. The bastard received a name Halfway to Hell and it’ s by far the ugliest offspring by Black Magic Six. Louder and dirtier it’ s venom you crave. Not good for your health but impossible to resist.

The journey of Black Magic Six is far from over. 2014 will be all fun and games: in the autumn tours in Germany and South-America (Argentina, Brazil & Chile), some club dates and at some point the guys will get back in the cave to write new songs and record their fourth album, due out in 2015.