Pelagos’ space voyage ended up short: new album The Boat out this December!

Pelagos’ distant star-reaching debut journey ended up at the seaside, where their spaceship turned out to be a rusty tanker. Cosmic wonders were replaced by the Back Sea’s grey horizons, and ideal, world-embracing dreams were displaced by Western Finnish reality, smacking faces like the freezing drizzle of January.

Pelagos’ yet unrevealed sophomore album, The Boat, was influenced by various different musical styles and eras. Shades of soft-reggae, AOR, dream-pop and trance-rock – to name a few – were blended together for the record, and naturally the whole recipe was topped with a generous pinch of psychedelic spices. The song themes hover broadly on the shady alleys of human life, in search of light and warmth. At times, the themes reach a point where the whole humanity condenses into a moment where the highway leads towards a hopeless, temporary relief, as hands squeeze knuckles white on the steering wheel.

The Boat is a soundtrack for darkening nights, where boundaries of sleep and wakefulness, past and present, life and afterlife vanish and a memory recalls: you, standing on a beach, one foot buried in hot sand, one foot buried in ice-cold seawater…

The Obelisk reviewed the band’s 2018 debut album Revolve, adding:

“Particularly given their pedigree, it would be futile to guess what Pelagos might have to offer in the long term or how or along what path their style might develop…”

To find out, Svart Records is preparing to launch the new Pelagos album The Boat on the 10th of December 2021. The first single Zest is out on all digital platforms on Friday the 8th of October. Listen to Zest now: https://youtu.be/qINqDdJnMH4

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The Boat

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