Waste of Space release first music video for Syntheosis album

Roadburn Festival tells us today that:

“The mention of either Oranssi Pazuzu and Dark Buddha Rising – as separate entities – is enough to get us excited at the mention of new music, so when their forces combine we know all too well what kind of a treat we’re in for.  This distinctive ‘X factor’ is exactly why they were prime candidates to be the first to grip the baton for Roadburn’s commissioned pieces series which started in 2018.

The ensemble toiled away in secret, in Finland, for months; what would eventually manifest as Waste of Space Orchestra was shrouded in mystery. When this particular behemoth lumbered into view on the 013 MainStage on Thursday, April 19 2018 it was truly breathtaking.

For 70 magical minutes an audience was enraptured by what unfolded. A mere two hours into the festival, and with jaws eventually scraped off the floor, many heralded it the set of the weekend – a claim that plenty stood by four days later. The psychedelic darkness divined during this particular set resonated long after the festival detritus was swept away and the Tilburg streets were empty once again.

Luckily for us, plans were afoot to commit this unholy, progressive maelstrom to tape; Syntheosis will be released on April 5 via Svart Records. The album is not a live recording of the set; it is a studio-based re-imagining of the performance which will transport those who were present right back to that moment in time. For those that weren’t there the first time around: it’s pretty darn close to capturing what you missed.

Roadburn‘s Artistic Director, Walter Hoeijmakers comments: “I’m beyond excited that we finally can re-live the extraordinary Waste of Space Orchestra by way of this studio release – Syntheosis. Oranssi Pazuzu andDark Buddha Rising are the embodiment of the thriving underground; it’s these guys truly redefining heavy music, as this album will wholeheartedly prove!”

Waste of Space Orchestra’s Juho Vanhanen adds: “Getting this album out there closes the circle. What started as a commissioned piece for Roadburn is now being put outside that performance and let loose. And the perfect way to do that is having Roadburn push out what they started and share the first taster track from the album with you. Its called Seeker’s Reflection.”

We’re thrilled to present the first track from the album here today – Seeker’s Reflection. Presented as a video shot, directed & edited by Kalle-Erik Kosonen – this track and accompanying visuals has us diving headlong into our flashbacks.

Of the track Vesa Ajamo tells us: “After seeing through the Shaman’s eyes, the Seeker begins his journey from altered states of reality. The Syntheosis is like a black hole; once the Seeker is within the gravitational pull, there is no return.”

See the video here: