Throat premiere new music via Brooklynvegan

“Finland’s Throat are releasing their sophomore album Bareback on August 31 via Svart Records, and following lead single “No Hard Shoulder” we’re premiering another track from the LP, “Born Old.” The band pull inspiration from various ’90s subgenres like noise rock, post-hardcore, indie rock, and more, and “Born Old” has a driving, shouty vibe that fans of early Iceage might dig. Guitarist/vocalist Jukka Mattila tells us: “‘Born Old’ was a deliberate effort to break some formulas we always fall into when writing music. To most people it might sound like the same drivel we always do and in spite of the fact that they’re probably right, we’re proud of our song. Lyrically, ‘Born Old’ is about feeling bad in every which way possible. Feeling good is overrated anyway. Plus there’s a Coil reference in the lyrics, see if you can spot that!”

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