Pekko Käppi’s new album announcement

The Baltic and Fenno-Ugric region has a rich, albeit obscure ethnic musical heritage. Behind its official facade, however, lies a rich treasure trove of the darkly macabre and curious. It is this black cauldron that Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L peek into. Armed with a jouhikko, an ancient Karelian bowed three-string lyre, Pekko Käppi weaves stories filled with ecstasy, hellfire and mythical beasts.

Käppi and his cohorts K:H:H:L (Kuolleitten Hillittömäin Hevoisten Luut, which translates as Bones of Dead Boisterous Horses – a perfect description the music they make) have a highly original sound, which might be best described as Scandinavian voodoo. They treat the Finnish tradition irreverently and soak it in darkly magical rhythms.

The group’s debut Sanguis Meus, Mama (2015) was wildly successful in Finland and received several international nominations as well. The new album Matilda is the second part of a projected trilogy. “Last summer while sitting by the lake, listening to Roky Erikson and Cookie & the Cupcakes and boiling the skin off skulls of large animals, visions of men in white dresses partaking in a strange summertime ritual under animal hides and skulls appeared to me. This became the opening track of the new album, and soon I had an entire song cycle”, comments Käppi.

Whereas the earlier album was a deep nosedive in the paranoid world of Finnish voodoo, the new album takes the listeners and their creaky old bones right into the present moment in all its fiery glory and heartlessness, looking at reality through the bent and untrustworthy lens of the human mind. The album Matilda is out on Svart Records on March 31st on CD, LP and digital.