Original Sin LP

Eero Koivistoinen

Eero Koivistoinen is one of the household names of Finnish jazz, but in 1971 making jazz records in Finland wasn't all that commonplace. Koivistoinen began his career a couple of years earlier with the literary album Valtakunta and two jazz albums (Odysseus and For Children), all released by Otava, a publishing company for books.

Original Sin was Koivistoinen's first release on an actual record label, Scandia. Released in 1971, Original Sin was one of the early building blocks of Koivistoinen's legacy, but incredibly enough it hasn't been reissued in any physical format ever since. The Svart reissue presents Original Sin mastered for vinyl from the original tapes, in gatefold covers and with new liner notes from Koivistoinen himself.

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500 x black
200 x white