Mobile of Angels LP/CD

Witch Mountain

In what will be seen as the doom metal veterans’ mightiest work yet, “Mobile Of Angels” sees WITCH MOUNTAIN create a wondrous album of heavy, bluesy sultry doom with their latest release which merges the band’s signature crushing rhythms with moving doom-metal balladry . New surprises also lurk amongst the journey of “Mobile Of Angels” where the band take their implementation of melancholy to a whole new epic level where vocalist Uta Plotkin delivers her most stunning and most developed vocal performance to date. Where the band continue to progress musically with each succeeding album, Plotkin’s vocal performance continues to grow stronger, more defined and moving.  “Mobile Of Angels” is the evidence of all this.Produced and engineered by Billy Anderson, who has now had a long-standing working relationship with the band.

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Pressing info: 

500 x black
400 x swamp green
100 x transparent coke bottle green

Track list: 

1. Psycho Animundi
2. Can’t Settle
3. Your Corrupt Ways (Sour The Hymn)
4. Mobile Of Angles
5. The Shape Truth Takes
6. Don't Look Around (Mountain cover, NOT ON THE LP! Included with the MP3 download)