Dancing 12"


Following the release of their compilation LP Finnish anarcho/post punk outfit 1981 get remix treatment from some of the leading producers of contemporary Finnish dance music scene: Jori Hulkkonen, Femme En Fourrure & JD Filpper remixes of 1981 track Dancing are out on 12” vinyl with the original version included 19th of September via Svart Records & Passing Bells.

Jori Hulkkonen has never been the one to paint himself in the corner. With releases in the last two decades exploring 360 degrees on the musical radar, he's been hailed as "the most underrated producer in the world", "living legend of electronic composition" and "music's best kept secret”. Lately Hulkkonen has kept himself busy with his synth pop duo Sin Cos Tan and numerous other productions - like Tiga’s new international dance floor hit Bugatti. Here Jori gives his darker 80’s vibe touch to the 1981-mix.

Femme En Fourrure make music for DJs and catwalks, for nightly promenades and oceanside sexin'. FEF mixes distant styles, by wondering into surreal areas, yet also acting safe when needed, in order to maintain a healthy balance. 1981 remix-collaboration has definitely that dark and psychedelic FEF feel to it.

FEF released their dark debut album, covered in wispy, neo-feminist whispers, on Convex Industries in 2013 and playing a handful of selected festivals, including Boiler Room. In the past FEF have worked with wide and multifaceted range of artist and labels, such as Hotflush's South London Ordnance. Julio Bashmore included their track 'Bound' in his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and on of FEF's very first tracks 'Dirty Blonde' was charted and power played by Rekid's Radio Slave. FEF have also made remix work for the legendary Chicago based record label Trax Records.

JD Filpper aka DJ Flipperi is a seasoned DJ and producer from the Top Billin camp nowadays based in Berlin. He is also the other member of Helsinki 78-82 familiar from their hit single Cruising from few years ago. JD Filpper’s extended dance mix takes 1981 to modern new disco/house territory with great success.

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300 x black