Timo Kaukolampi & Tuomo Puranen

Timo Kaukolampi & Tuomo Puranen - White Wall OST, LP

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Timo Kaukolampi and Tuomo Puranen, the K and P of the mysterious electronic kraut outfit K-X-P, have composed movie scores in the past, their best known piece being the music to the movie Euthanizer, which was the Finnish candidate for the Oscar award for best international picture in 2018. The composers won a Finnish Jussi award for the music. The eight-part dark mystery noir series with sci-fi overtones, White Wall, is the duo's first foray into the world of television.

White Wall is a joint production between the national broadcasting corporations of Sweden and Finland, SVT and YLE. It is also one of the most expensive productions in Finnish TV history with its 7 million budget. The series was shown on TV in Scandinavia in December 2020 and rights have been sold to a number of other countries too.

Svart Records has released the soundtrack album digitally today, on January 15th, with a limited vinyl edition in February.

"This has been the most extensive musical project we have ever taken part in", Kaukolampi and Puranen say. The soundtrack is built over a wall of hum and buzz, which are used as a reality-distorting effect.  Pulsating electronics and deep modular synthesizer drone create a fitting backdrop to a dark science fiction mystery. Guest starring on the soundtrack alongside Kaukolampi and Puranen are Pekko Käppi on bowed lyre, Tatu Rönkkö and Abdissa Assefa on scrap metal, drums and percussion, Juho Viljanen on trombon and Mira Kautto on vocals.

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