Spiritus Mortis

Spiritus Mortis - Spiritism 2008-2017

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LP (silver)
LP (Turquoise)

Spiritus Mortis compilation from the Albert Witchfinder years!

The definitive compilation of rare and sought after Spiritus Mortis 7" and 12" single and split tracks from the time with Sami Albert "Witchfinder" Hynninen on the vocals.  These recordings have not appeared on Spiritus Mortis albums and never before in any digital format.

For this compilation the songs have been completely remixed by Joona Lukala and Sami Hynninen, and the disc is expanded with exclusive bonus live material. Essential to ALL fanatics of real Heavy/Doom Metal!

Spiritism 2008-2017 is available on a Svart exclusive silver vinyl, limited turquoise vinyl and classic black vinyl. All versions include a booklet with photos. Release date October 13th.

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