Kivimetsän Druidi

Kivimetsän Druidi - Shadowheart

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2LP (transparent green)

Svart Records presents a very limited vinyl edition of Kivimetsän Druidi's two full length albums. Never before available on vinyl, Shadowheart (2008) and Betrayal, Justice, Revenge (2010) are available as exclusive Svart shop editions of 100 copies on special colors and 400 copies on pitch black vinyl. Newly remastered for vinyl, both come with spectacular 12 inch booklets. 

Kivimetsän Druidi (The Druid Of The Stone Forest) play metal that is both adventurously original and filled with elements that sound familiar. Part of the Finnish folk metal movement, which also spawned bands like Korpiklaani and Turisas, Kivimetsän Druidi's music stems from a similar origin but is more complex and symphonic. Their two albums to date were released by Century Media and are now being made available on limited vinyl courtesy of Svart Records.

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