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Demon Head - Through Holes Shine the Stars

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Demon Head releases the new album ‘Through Holes Shine the Stars’ in September 2024 via Svart Records 

Demon Head is proud to announce the release of Through Holes Shine the Stars on Svart Records. The album is the fifth full-length from the band that celebrated their first 10 years of existence last year, and it is undoubtedly another milestone on their tireless – and very own – path through the wilderness. It is a deeper, darker well of tones and melodies than before, while being significantly more extroverted than their last releases. All in the seemingly effortless, strangely catchy, and unique manner that Demon Head have become known for. 

The eight songs were written collectively during several concentrated sessions from 2019–2022 and recorded entirely by the band themselves from October 2022 to March 2023 in their own studios in Copenhagen and the west coast of Ireland. Guitarist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist producer, Birk Gjerlufsen Nielsen expands on the process: “This long and careful process has allowed us to reach a balance between structural precision and artistic expansion, melodic simplicity, and compositional depth. It feels like we’ve uncovered every possibility within each of these songs without losing track of the original nerve.” 

In continuation of previous collaborations, Demon Head have mixed the album with the legendary engineer and producer Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Morbid Angel, Ensiferum, etc.) in Sweet Silence Studios. Vocalist and recording engineer Marcus Ferreira Larsen remarks: “Like any true master Flemming has created a direct and hard-hitting, transparent mix that does nothing but enhance what is already communicated in the compositions and the performance. He helped us place everything in the landscape that we've carved through recording everything ourselves once again.”

With a running time of 47 minutes, this is Demon Heads most extensive work to date. Birk Gjerlufsen Nielsen comments on one of the songs: “The Chalice opens with a discordant anthem that unbelievably enough combines the qualities of late Scott Walker with Europe’s The Final Countdown. It’s a good introduction to how Marcus and I have worked closely together on complimenting each other’s voices. It’s consistent that we sing together throughout the whole record. Between the two of us there’s a balance of equal parts raw charm and melodic desperation”.

Demon Head
’s forthcoming fifth album Through Holes Shine the Stars will be released September 20, 2024 on black and limited trans-violet and black/turquoise vinyl editions, not forgetting fabulous CD- and C-cassette formats. Pre-sale has started today on Svart Records webstore for our customers worldwide. 

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