Brutality - Screams Of Anguish

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LP (transparent orange/red marble)

Debut album by Brutality finally available on vinyl again!

Brutality is a Death Metal band from Tampa, Florida. Formed in 1986 as Abomination, the band only recorded one demo under the name before changing it briefly to Darkness and eventually to Brutality in 1987.

Originally released by Nuclear Blast in 1993, Screams Of Anguish hasn't seen a vinyl release since 2014 and it was about time this absolute death metal classic is available on vinyl again! Fans of Morbid Angel, Deicide, Death or Nocturnus will definitely be pleased while enjoying some Screams Of Anguish.

"It takes literally milliseconds to catch a whiff of what Brutality are cooking on their debut. Right out of the gate, Jim Coker’s drums blast their way into existence, an offering of complete and total audio punishment. Don Gates and Jay Fernandez aren’t slouching on guitar, either, keeping pace with the manic drum work throughout and interjecting enough thunderous chugs to put a smile on many a Bolt Thrower fan’s face." -Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Screams Of Anguish is available on Svart exclusive transparent orange/red marble vinyl and classic black vinyl. Release date October 27th.

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