From the cold dank fog of Portland, Oregon USA re-emerges Petrification with their highly anticipated sophomore album nearly 5 years in the making titled “Sever Sacred Light”! Conjuring all the dark powers of DEATH, DOOM, PUNK and THE OCCULT, Petrification brings their most barbaric, heavy, and yet sophisticated release to date. This new full-length opus will be released on Svart Records 9th of February 2024.

Petrification’s themes may revolve around the cosmic horrors and repugnant themes, but this isn’t your typical nowadays technical progressive metal where the number of notes compensates for the lack of true vision. Sever sacred light delivers eight tracks of crushing doom laden and HEAVY - in the true sense of that word - death metal combining the down tuned caveman mid-tempo riffs of Coffins to Bolt Thrower style grooves spiced with an Autopsy worship. You can also hear the echoes from certain Finnish death metal acts from their most dark past, but (sl)easiest way to describe the Petrification’s blunt to the core delivery is: sick old school death metal for the diehards.

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