Iterum Nata

The third solo album from Hexvessel lead guitarist Jesse Heikkinen under the mantle of Iterum Nata, Bardo Disorder, is a personal work of melodic and psychedelic folk. Heavily influenced by Thelema, Paganism and Hermeticism, Iterum Nata is a transcendent sojourn where enlightenment and melancholy go hand in hand. 70’s progressive rock and folk with ambient and neofolk influences, Bardo Disorder is a sentimental and heartfelt invocation of songcraft.


Heikkinen has been playing in such bands as Hexvessel, The Aeon, Kauko Röyhkä & The Boots and many more, and his musicianship shines through in Iterum Nata where lush and progressive instrumental passages give way to fragile and intimate folk ballads. The guest musicians on Bardo Disorder include Mara Balls, Kimmo Helén (Hexvessel), Matti Manninen and Heikkinen’s parents.


Released on Kvohst’s (Hexvessel/Grave Pleasures) Secret Trees imprint, Kvohst describes Iterum Nata as “really personal folk for people who like their songs straight from the heart and albums that take you on a journey. Brings to mind Van Zandt, Bo Hansson, King Crimson, the more beautiful sections of Opeth’s proggier works and of course the Finnish psych and prog DNA flowing through Jesse’s veins. I would think this record would appeal to anyone who enjoys Hexvessel and I’m proud to be able to present it under our banner for outsider and underground works.”


Bardo is a Tibetan word for the state between death and rebirth. It is a liminal phase where the soul dwells in it’s purest form. If the cycle of death and rebirth is disturbed, what does it mean for the soul? Can the cycle even be unbalanced? These are the questions that Bardo Disorder takes you through, with deep and beautiful songs that shed light into darker days. Bardo Disorder will be released on November the 20th 2020 by Secret Trees on Svart Records.

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