Combined, the members of Riitaoja have played music for approximately 175 years. The genres touched upon run the gamut from explosive free jazz to archaic folk and hip hop to chamber pop. Oddly enough, what this results in is an atmospheric and airily dark take on country rock... More Woven Hand, Cowboy Junkies and Velvet Underground than the Eagles... Not that there's anything wrong with the Eagles. This music just wasn't ever kissed by the sun.

All the members are Finns, but with the exception of the drummer, this is everyone's first serious and sustained foray into making music with lyrics in Finnish. So despite the close to two centuries of making noises of various sorts, the project represents an adventure for all involved. 

The album was recorded in the cimmunal living room of a municipal summer house during one of the snowiest winters in recent memory. 

Affe Forsman: drums
Antti Hämäläinen: banjo, electric banjo
Arimatti Jutila: guitar, cigar box guitar, steel guitar, lap steel
Arttu Tolonen: bass, electric mandolin, xylophone, harmonica, machines
Vuk: vocals
Janne Westerlund: vocals